What you need to create a career portfolio

Looking to create a career portfolio for your first post-college job hunt? This blog post goes over what you’ll need to create each of the three types.

By this point, you know:

And now, you’re ready to pull it all together. 

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Here’s what you need to create a career portfolio

What you need to create a Printed & Digital Portfolio:

I recommend starting with the printed portfolio then working up to an online portfolio because it forces you to focus on the highlights of each project that is in your portfolio. Here are a couple of free resources to pull your printed and digital portfolios together:

  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • Canva.com – There are some great slideshow templates you can use

Once you’ve pulled it all together, print it out (check your local library to see if you have free printing), put each page into sheet protectors, put it all in a half-inch binder.

What you need to create an Online Portfolio:

Now that you’ve got the printed and digital versions of your portfolio done, it’s time to take it online. Here’s what you need to know to create your online portfolio!

Free options

(your URL won’t be completely personalized. For example, janedoe.wix.com):

  • Wix – This website builder makes it easy to create a visually-appealing online portfolio. You can really let your creativity run wild.
  • WordPress.com – Although it is tougher to customize websites on the free plan, you can still create a great-looking online portfolio. An added bonus is that some marketing positions ask for WordPress experience so it’s a skill to add on your resume.

Paid options

(you can create your own URL. For example, janedoe.com):

  • Squarespace – I don’t have any experience with Squarespace. But it is a popular platform.
  • Self-hosted WordPress.org – 30% of all websites are powered by WordPress so by creating your online portfolio with a self-hosted wordpress.org you are creating an opportunity for yourself to gain experience that you can add on your portfolio. For this option, you need to purchase hosting and a domain name. Here are a couple of popular options:
    • Siteground (affiliate link) – This is what I use (and have always used). I chose it because they have amazing customer service and they consistently win awards on how awesome it is.
    • GoDaddy – I’ve never used GoDaddy. But it’s popular.
    • Bluehost – Bluehost pays the most money to its affiliates. So when reading reviews, keep this in mind and only read reviews written by people who specifically state that they currently use Bluehost.

Next steps

Now you’ve all of the information you need to pull together awesome portfolios! It’s time to get started. Grab a piece of paper and start outlining the projects you’d like to include in your portfolio.

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