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10 Places to Study or Work that aren’t a nearby Coffee Shop

Are you someone who likes to study or get work done at coffee shops? Me too! When I was in college, going to a coffee shop was a nice change of environment. And when I was working at an office job, it was a great way to escape the office or work on my side hustle outside of business hours. But I needed to cut down on expenses and found out how much going to coffee shops was costing me. Going to a coffee shop could be costing you $1,300 a year If you go to a coffee shop every weekday,  ...

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How to Make Your Internship Application Stand Out

When I was a college student, I applied to a ton of internships and didn’t hear back from every employer. My first and only thought was that I didn’t hear back because they thought I wasn’t qualified. But here’s what I wish I knew back then: there are so many other reasons you might  ...

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How to Set a Goal and Stick to It

Once you’ve set your New Year’s Resolutions and defined and made time for your priorities, it’s time to start setting goals. This blog post is about how to set a goal and make it stick. How to set a goal 1. Set your end-goal Before you get going, you need to know where you  ...

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