How to create a career portfolio

Wondering how to create a career portfolio for your first post-college job hunt? This blog post is for you.

By the time you get to this blog post, you should know:

And now you are ready to create your portfolios!

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The three types of portfolios:

  • Printed: a printed Powerpoint with highlights
  • Digital: a PDF version of the printed (maybe slightly more detailed)
  • Online: a website with all of the details of your experience

How to create each of the three portfolios:

Don’t worry! They each build off of each other so creating three versions doesn’t take much more effort.

  1. Create an outline
    • Choose your top 3 projects
    • Write down why you chose these projects. (hint: they should be related to the jobs you are applying to)
  2. Create the printed version of your portfolio
    • Create a PowerPoint of what you outlined and print it
  3. Create the digital version of your portfolio
    • Building off of the PowerPoint, add a little more detail and download it as a pdf
  4. Create the online version of your portfolio
    • Take it online and add all of the details

Now what?

Now that you know how to create a portfolio, here’s what you need to get started. And you’ll want to grab the free productive job-hunting game plan to get rid of any job searching guesswork.

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