Hey there! I´m Laurie

I help recent college graduates navigate the transition from full-time schooling to full-time adulting starting with a career in marketing.

After being (f)unemployed for my first post-grad year, I realized the importance of self-discovery in the post-college job hunt.

Turns out, it is the foundation for building a strong career and easing the transition into adulthood.

Because marketing is such a broad field, it’s easy for recent graduates to struggle to find that great, first marketing job. When a person doesn’t understand:

  • Who they are
  • What they want
  • And the value they bring

They tend to end up spending all of their time fixing up their resume, applying to jobs online, and networking. Don’t get me wrong — these are important to the job-hunting process. But only focusing on these three things can cause a person to go in circles rather than toward a first job because these things are tactics. And you need a strategy to find and land that first job.

This is where self-discovery comes in. It’s the key to finding the right job faster and easier.

Will you allow me to help you find your first, post-college job?

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Karina I.

I followed Laurie’s resume advice and started getting more interviews!

Whitney Bolibol

I applied for a job yesterday and customized my resume to that position [the way Laurie showed me to]. Though I haven’t heard anything back yet, I definitely feel more confident in knowing that my resume has strong points that might draw the recruiter’s eye! So I’m feeling super confident and grateful!

Lian Nicholson

When I had my first consultation with Laurie, I was blown away.  Laurie was not only insightful and knowledgeable, but she was genuinely kind. From the moment we started talking, I immediately felt Laurie’s vested interest in helping me succeed. She immediately connected me to people in her professional network and gave me practical and good advice on how to excel early in my career. What really stood out to me was her willingness to help me create and facilitate my own network. Laurie is simply phenomenal at what she does and I am incredibly thankful for her!

Maddie Bons

Laurie has completely transformed the way I search and apply for jobs in the best way possible! She has helped me apply for jobs and feel confident in what I submit to companies. She’s a fantastic Career Coach because she is an incredibly caring and patient person. I’m grateful to have her help through my post-grad journey.

This is a judgment-free zone

We’ve all been there — I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to be fresh out of college, unemployed, and desperately looking for a job.

It took me over a year to land my first full-time marketing job. And let me tell you…it was quite the journey.

My achiever mindset made me feel like a failure. And the people-pleaser in me felt ashamed of not being able to line up a job after graduation.

And that’s exactly why I started Post College Journey.

I want you to know that it’s normal and okay to not have a job straight after graduation. And I want to help you find and land that great, first marketing job without having to take so long going in circles.

So whether you are a college senior freaking out about life after college or a just-out-of-college graduate looking for an entry-level marketing job

On a personal note, here are some of my favorite photos from my college graduation

Collage of my favorite photos from college graduation weekend - About me - Post College Journey

Will you allow me to help you find your first, post-college job?

Click the button below to find out how we can work together!