Hey there!

I’m Laurie and I’d really like to be your guide on this crazy adventure we call life.

After I graduated from college I moved to a new city, got a M-F 9-5 salary job, got my own apartment nearby, and walked to work every morning after stopping at the cute coffee shop on the first floor of my building.

Sounds like something every college student dreams of, right?

Well, it took me over a year and a half to get there. And let me tell you…it was quite the journey.

During that year and a half, I can’t even tell you the number of times I secretly wished I had a guide to turn to when I felt like I was the only person having a hard time job hunting or like a failure for not having a “big girl” job.

I wanted someone to turn to who wouldn’t judge me or tell me what to do. I also wanted someone who would show me that all the emotions I was experiencing was normal and help me figure out where I wanted to take my next step.

Sadly, I never met that person, but I promised myself that if I ever did figure out the secret to transitioning from full-time schooling to full-time adulting, I’d be that guide to someone else so they too could create their own post-college journey map!

And that’s exactly why I started Post College Journey.

Finding your first marketing job as a new college graduate is about more than career advice. You have to also take into account wellness and what it takes to be an adult. Tap on one of these three categories below to find out more.