Land your First Marketing Job

by integrating self-discovery into your job-hunting process

Many recent college graduates struggle to find a job when they don’t understand who they are,

what they want, and the value they bring.

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Are you ready to take your job hunt to the next level?

I can help with that!

  1. Download the job-hunting game plan so you can be sure to have a productive job-hunt.
  2. Work your way through the first three steps BEFORE you start applying to jobs
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How can I help

Finding a job after college is about more than just career advice. You need to also take into consideration who you are as a person and what it takes to be an adult. That’s why Post College Journey touches on three aspects of life…

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All of the tips & tricks you need to know to find and land your first marketing job.

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Find your dream job in marketing by starting with who you are, what you want, and the value you have.

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Life after college is confusing. We go over the basics so you can focus on kickstarting your career.

Hi! I’m Laurie

After being (f)unemployed for my first post-graduation year, I realized the importance of self-discovery in the post-college job hunt. Turns out, it is the foundation for building a strong career you love.

Since this realization, I’ve been devoted to helping recent graduates navigate the transition from being a full-time student to a full-time adult starting with a career in marketing.

Let’s work together to you confidently and effectively through the job-searching process!

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Confused about where to start your job search?

Gain clarity on the job-hunting process with this 10-step game plan.

  • Get a clear, 10-step path to your first marketing job
  • Feel less lost in your job search
  • Discover what steps you are missing in your job hunt

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